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Computer Room Air Conditioning

A computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit is a device that monitors and maintains temperatures, air distribution and humidity in a network room or data center. CRAC units are replacing air-conditioning units that were used in the past to cool data centers. We at National Mechanical Air Ltd., want to help our customers protect themselves. We highly recommend properly ventilating and cooling rooms that are home to mainframes and racks of servers. These products are known to get extremely hot and produce enough heat to cause damage or problems.  We highly recommend proper climate control,  it is as important as all the parts of the data center's infrastructure.

There are a variety of ways that the CRAC units can be situated. One CRAC setup that has been successful is the process of cooling air and having it dispensed through an elevated floor. The air rises through the perforated sections, forming cold aisles. The cold air flows through the racks where it picks up heat before exiting from the rear of the racks. The warm exit air forms hot aisles behind the racks, and the hot air returns to the CRAC intakes, which are positioned above the floor.


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